Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I Got Dirty

The sun is setting down on what has been a beautiful day. The warmest it's been this year I think. Warmth I have experienced so far at least. I finished work at about 4.30 and was home within the hour. But with a beautiful evening stretched out in front of me, I felt restless. I hadn't gone for a run, in a while and it seemed like the perfect thing to get my mind of everything. 

I put the music in my ears and I ran, I ran like I was being chased. Mud splashed on me and It all melted away. Even though the weather was warm, the grass was wet. 

Everything was gone and I felt great. Dirt splashed on me, the white of my T-Shirt dulled. My trainers were brown with sticks and dust. I pushed myself past exhaustion until it felt natural.

I jumped over hills and collapsed trees, music blaring in my ears. I felt child like and free. Innocent even.

I stopped to take pictures, of things I like, things that struck me. Everything awash with evening glow.

I wondered who had made it, taken the time to arrange it so specifically. How long it took them, their motivation. 

So I ran like I was being chased, whimsy and care free. I stopped to admire the view and I got dirty.

I got so dirty.
and it was incredible.


R.J. said...

Cool pics!

Jay M. said...

Very cool post! Love the language!! Love the pics!

Peace <3

Melissa Bradley said...

You should think about writing poetry or songs or even stories. You have real gift for painting a scene and a feeling with words. I enjoyed this so much.

Anonymous said...

Lovely descriptive writing, Ian. Congratulations.